Dr Sheetal Chandel


INTRODUCTION: Radius is one of the most important bony structures of our skeletal system. Anatomical knowledge of radius bone helps in
advancement of surgeries. Anatomy of radius is practically important for orthopedic and plastic surgeons.
AIM: Very few studies on radius are available in Indian population, especially North Indians. The present study is therefore designed on dry human
radius for morphological and morphometric analysis. The outcome of present study highlights the need for imaging the contralateral bones to get
optimal, beneficial results in various surgical and corrective procedures.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The material for the present study comprised of 100 dried human adult radii randomly obtained from the
Department of Anatomy, Government Medical College, Jammu. All the radii obtained were without any gross abnormality. Each radius was
labeled from 1 to 100 with suffix ‘R’ for right and ‘L’ for the left. Various parameters of the proximal and distal ends of radius were studied.
RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: The data obtained from current trial can be used as baseline data for future studies in the department of
Anatomy, Radiology, Forensic Medicine and Orthopedics.


Human Radius, Head, Neck, Prosthesis

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