Dr. M S Padmajothi, Dr. Chaitra M C


Cataract is the most common cause of almost half the world's blindness and is most often treatable by cataract extraction. Under the vision 20/20,
The Right to Sight, cataract is given prime importance and targetted as 'easily treatable blindness', the next being refractive errors. Both these
cannot be prevented but can definitely be treated, fairly easily, cheaply and effectively.
Surgeon's intention also is to give the best possible vision to the patient after removing the cataractous lens. Sometimes this cannot be achieved. An
effort is here to find out why visual rehabilitation does not get successful and how it can be assessed and anticipated before the patient is taken up for
surgery and avoid not only disappointment but also legal implications following the surgery.


Cataract Surgery, Visual Rehabilitation, Pre-operative Assessment.

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