Dr. S. Prasanna, Dr.A. Ramesh Kumar, Dr. S. Dinesh,


Diabetes, the most prevailing non-communicable disease worldwide affecting mostly the developing nations. Blood is used for glucose estimation
being an invasive and painful method, demanding for an alternative technique to be used. Aim &Methods: Estimation of fasting and post prandial
salivary glucose levels in 180 subjects who were divided into healthy subjects and diabetic subjects as controlled and uncontrolled diabetics.
Results: Positive correlation of fasting salivary glucose in all groups – I,II & III. There was a positive correlation in post prandial serum glucose
between group II, III but no significant in case of post prandial salivary glucose.: Positive correlation present in fasting salivary glucose in group
I,II and III but post prandial serum glucose correlated between group II and III but post prandial salivary glucose did not correlate well. Conclusion
Inspite of limitations, saliva serves as a good alternate medium in biochemical analysis of glucose instead of serum.


Salivary glucose, Colorimeter, Diabetes ,Saliva, Biochemical analysis.

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