Dr Sanjay Kumar, Dr S. K. Jha


Burns being one of the most debilitating disease,mainly affects the lower socioeconomic group and involves the major productive age group of
AIM: A retrospective study was carried out at our institution to observe the epidemiologic profile and various causes of burns so that proper
preventive and corrective measures could be instituted.
MATERIAL & METHODS: All patients admitted from January 2016 to January 2018, in nalanda medical college hospital,patna were included
in the study.The burns were analysed according to age,sex,TBSA involved,causes and mortality.
RESULTS: Most of the affected patients were from the age group 14-25 years in females and 25-34 years in male.Majority of burns were
homicidal(dowry related) and accidental (mainly small LPG cylinders) thermal burns.Study also suggested that patients with TBSA between 40-
80% needs more aggressive and dedicated care.


burns, epidemiology, dowry burns.

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