Dr. Sarvani VL Nukaraju, Dr. Brigit Alphonsa Grevasis, Dr Priya Chaurasia, Dr. Sharath Kumar Shetty, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Y


Wilckodontics or PAOO procedure has multiple clinical applications specially in adult orthodontics. Wilckodontics, has made adult orthodontic
treatment faster and facilitated rapid tooth movement in Adult patients . The article reviews various techniques used singly or in combination with
Wilckodontics like Mono-cortical tooth dislocation and ligament distraction (MTDLD), Lasers, usage of autogenous soft tissue graft,
Piezosurgery in bringing about faster tooth movement . Wilckodontics, even with the economical constrains can turn out to be an attractive
treatment option and a revolution for both the patients and orthodontists.


orthodontics Wilckodontics autogenous techniques

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