Dr. Tulsi Chhadi, Dr Shyam Chhadi, Dr Kunal Chattani


Background: Diagnostic workup in solitary thyroid nodule entails screening patients with high likelihood of malignancy. Large body of world
literature attests to the accuracy and advantages of FNAC.
Objective: To study cytological features of solitary thyroid nodules with ultrasound guided FNAC and studying the correlation of cytological
findings with histopathological findings.
Methodology: Fifty patients having solitary thyroid nodule underwent USG guided FNAC and histopathological examination during two years of
study period. Cytological features of solitary thyroid nodules were reported using Bethesda classification and the findings compared with
histopathological examination.
Observations: The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and diagnostic accuracy of USG guided FNAC in
solitary thyroid nodule evaluation were reported at 77.7%, 96.7%, 93.3%, 88.2% and 89.8% respectively. The Kappa statistic was 0.7725.
Conclusion: High correlation was observed between USG guided FNAC and histopathological examination for solitary thyroid nodule.


FNAC, Solitary Thyroid Nodule, Histopathology

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