Susan Dsouza, Anto Ignat Stany M, Peter George


Introduction: Stroke is the most devastating vascular complication in diabetes for its associated morbidity and mortality. Dyslipidaemia,
hypertension, obesity and atherosclerosis are higher among diabetics, which make them more vulnerable to ischemic stroke. This study was done to
corelate clinical prole and topography of strokes occurring in diabetics.
Materials and methods: This retrospective chart based descriptive study was done among diabetics with acute stroke at a tertiary care centre in
Southern India over 2 years from 1st January 2016. The patients’ data on demography, history, and investigations including neuroimaging were
obtained from medical records and entered to a pre-formatted data sheet for further analysis. The outcome of the study was complete, partial,
functional recovery or death.
Results: Among the 112 diabetic strokes selected, 8.9% had diabetes for less than a year. In this study, middle cerebral artery (MCA) territory
strokes were common (62.5%) followed by lacunar infarcts (21.42%) and posterior cerebral artery (PCA) territory infarcts (9.2%). Sixty-six
percent of lacunar infarcts (16 of 24 patients) were also in the MCA territory. Patients with MCA territory infarcts had higher HbA1C levels. MCA
territory infarcts were associated with poorer outcomes, signicantly longer duration of hospital stay and slower recovery. Mortality was higher in
patients with higher HbA1C levels. Mean duration of hospital stay was 9.16 ±5.21 days.
Conclusion: Diabetics with strokes showed higher incidences of MCA territory infarction and lacunar strokes.. Poor glycaemic control was
associated with poorer outcomes and slower recovery with higher mortality.


Stroke, Diabetes, Clinical Prole, Topography, Lacunar Infarcts, Ct, Mr Imaging.

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