Dr Ridhima Chetan Vohra, Miss. Dhasarathi Kumar


Background: Totally 10.4 million new tuberculosis cases are found during the year 2016 worldwide and 64 percentage of the cases are from India,
Indonesia, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria and South Africa.
Methods and Design: A cross sectional quantitative study was conducted. For the purpose of getting data on the knowledge of general patients and
treatment seeking behavior of TB patients. A complete enumeration sampling technique was employed for collection of data from TB patients via
household survey; simple random sampling technique was used for general patients.
Result: It was observed that all the respondents have heard about TB at some point in their life and only 20% of the TB patients were aware about
RNTCP. 52% patients got to know about TB from the Doctor.


Tuberculosis, RNTCP, Zoonosis

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