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The prospective study was conducted on 100 consecutive patients of acute on chronic liver failure for a period of 1 year. ACLF has a predominant
male preponderance with a male: female ratio of 93:7. mean age of 40.88 with 45.39 Out of the 3subgroups, most of the patients belonged to sub
group A i.e undiagnosed cirrhosis was already present in most of the patients with ACLF. All the patients had history of jaundice on presentation
(100%) followed by abdominal distension and ascites (89%) and hepatic encephalopathy (45%).Ultrasonography was carried out in 100 patients in
which all patients had ultra sonographic evidence of chronic liver disease followed by ascites (92%) and varices (53%). The hepatitis viruses were
also one of the common acute insult in our study. Hospital stay and in hospital mortality of 14 days and 4 patients were found respectively. These
findings were essential for the critical management of the disease.


Cirrhosis, Varices, Ultrasonography

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