Dr. Priya, Dr Nidhi Khajuria, Dr. Rashmi Metgud, Dr Rubeena Anjum


Introduction: The jaw can be affected by a wide spectrum of lesions, ranging from inflammatory processes to malignant neoplasms. Jaw lesions
can be very aggressive causing pain, paresthesia, swelling, drainage, tooth loss, root resorption, facial deformity, and other serious consequences.
Methodology: In this retrospective study of 8 years, biopsy records of all jaw lesions archived in the Department of oral and maxillofacial
pathology at dental college and hospital, other institutes and private labs during the period January 2006 to December 2013 were reviewed to
check the prevalence of odontogenic and non-odontogenic lesions of the jaws. The biopsies were divided into two major groups: cystic lesions
(group 1), tumors and tumor-like lesions (group 2). Groups 1 and 2 were again subdivided into odontogenic and nonodontogenic.
Results- The data revealed that Periapical cyst (304/456 ,82%) was the most commonly reported odontogenic cyst, followed by dentigerous cyst
(46/456,10%),residual cyst (18/456,3.9%), among the odontogenics tumor,the most prevalent was keratocyst odontogenic tumor (101/210,48%)
followed by ameloblastoma (45/210,21.4%),odontoma(35/210,16.6%).Whereas most frequent found benign non-odontogenic tumor was the
osteoma (64/232,27.5%) followed by ossifying fibroma (51/232,21.98%) and oral squamous cell carcinoma(9372/9707,96.5%) was the most
prevalent malignant tumor, followed by osteosarcoma (72/9707,0.7%).
Conclusion-The prevalence of odontogenic cysts and tumors was similar to that reported in the literature, with inflammatory cysts, keratocyst
odontogenic tumor and OSCC occurring most frequently. Case series of epidemiological profile of cysts and tumors; contribute to the
understanding of the etiological and clinical aspects of these lesions.


Odontogenic Cyst, Nonodontogenic Cyst, Odontogenic Tumor, Nonodontogenic Tumor, Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Oscc), Periapical Cyst.

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