Dr. Amit Kumar


Hypertension may be due to increased oxidative stress. As urate is natural anti-oxidant, increase in level of hypertension is a case or effect of raised
uric acid level. Aim of the present study was to evaluate serum uric acid levels in cases of Essential Hypertension and Aim: comparison with
normotensives (controls) in different grades of hypertension. Material and Methods: 100 subjects were observed out of which 50 were normal
healthy control groups and 50 were of Essential Hypertension. Hypertensive subjects were further subdivided into 2 groups based on the level of
BP(JNC-7). Results: Mean serum Uric Acid levels is found to be 4.844mg/dl in 50 controls and 5.728mg/dl in 50 cases of Essential Hypertension,
5.5238mg/dl in stage 1 hypertension(BP=140-159mmHg) and 5.8759 in stage 2 hypertension(BP>160mmHg). Conclusion: It is seen that
hypertension is related to rise in mean serum uric acid levels and this rise is directly related to severity of hypertension. Randomized control trials
need to be done to see whether lowering serum uric acid level will ameliorate the level of blood pressure.


Hypertension,Uric Acid

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