Dr. Tiple Prashant Gokul, Dr. A.P. Jain


Background – Geriatric patients suffer from many physical disorders but no research work has been done regarding severity of psychiatric
disorders amongst geriatric patients having medical
Objective – The aims of this study were to know types and severity of mental disorders in geriatric patients .
Method – The DSM IV –TR criterion were used for diagnosis . For assessment of severity of common mental disorders following scales likes
GDS, HAM-A, PANSS, YMRS, Y- BOCS, and BLS- D were used.
Results – In group A, paranoid schizophrenia was the commonest mental disorder and majority of them have moderate severity.
In group B depressive type of mood disorder due to general medical conditions was the
commonest mental disorder and majority of patients had moderate severity. The study further shows that geriatric patients with physical disorder
were more depressed than those geropsychiatric patients who had only depressive disorders.
Interpretations and conclusions – The study shows that geriatric patients with physical disorders were more at risk of consequences of
depression like self harm or suicide .


Geriatric, Mental Disorders, Severity, Physical Disorders.

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