Dr. Jarinabanu Tahashildar, Dr. Ravi Shekhar singh, Dr. Jameela Tahasildar


This study has evaluated two treatment antidiabetic regimens viz Sitagliptin alone and combination of Metformin+ Glimepride in type-2 diabetics.
The most common admitting outcomes assessed were glycemia control, and the incidence of complications. The results of this study reveal that the
combination regimen was more efficacious to achieve glycaemia control in comparison to monotherapy group.
Conclusion: The present study suggests that a significant difference may be existing in the clinical outcome interms of glycemia control and
complications between Sitagliptin alone and combination of Metformin+ Glimepride in type-2 diabetic patients.


Type 2 DM Patients, Sitagliptin, Metformin+ Glimepride, Glycemia Control.

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