Dr Neha Tyagi, Dr Purvi D Desai, Dr Yash Rathod


Seizure are the most common pediatric age group disorder .pediatric patients with intractable epilepsy represents a challenging clinical population
.Accurate etiological diagnosis of the seizures in children is important as it further decides the proper treatment of the children .MRI is an excellent
tool that is used in accurately diagnosing the cause of the seizure . It helps in diagnosing , determining the treatment protocol and also helpful in
predicting the outcome . Current study has been done not to diagnose the children accurately but also in accessing the most common cause in
specific ages of childhood and to determine prognosis, predict long-term intractability to antiepileptic medications and identify potential surgical
Methodology :- Patients referred from the Department of Pediatrics with history of seizure disorder or the patient that presented with acute seizure
attack were examined by MRI Brain as per specific protocol in MAGNETOM essenza 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner from SIEMENS at Atmajyoti MRI
Centre,New civil hospital ,Surat. The various causes of the seizure in pediatric population were examined and their follow up was taken and the
most common etiological cause and their most common MRI Brain finding was registered . Prospective study of 100 patients (<18 yrs) referred to
department within the period of 1 year having seizure disorder. All patients , irrespective of sex (<18 yrs ) having seizure disorder.
Results :- The commonest etiology of seizures is inflammatory granuloma. Early recognition of potentially treatable diseases helps in timely
treatment and arrest of progression of disease. It is highly recommended to use MRI as primary investigation for seizures. Every effort should be
made to provide facility of MRI for management of seizures in all parts of India.


Seizure emergency significant mortality neurological

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