Manohar Lal Prasad, Prajit Mazumdar, Malyaban Das


Introduction: Recent studies in India indicate that there is change in epidemiology of chronic pancreatitis. Hence, in this study we studied the
different epidemiological factors of chronic pancreatitis in an Indian tertiary care centre.
Materials and Methods: Ours is a cross sectional study conducted on 50 patients admitted in the medicine department of an Indian tertiary care
centre between 2017-2019 .
Results: There was overall male preponderance. Most of the patients with pamcreatitis had an idiopathic cause. Second most common etiology was
alcohol consumption. Most common presenting symptom was pain abdomen (100%). Pancreatic calculi were noted in 38% patients. Computed
tomography was very sensitive, abnormality was noted in all patients.
Discussion: Mean age of presentation was less than that of western population. Pain abdomen was present in all patients but it was very non
specific. Chronic alcohol consumption was present in substantial percentage of patients. Computed tomography and ultrasonography of abdomen
were very helpful investigations. Endoscopic retrograde pancreatocholangiography was by far the most specific investigation.


Calcification, Chronic Pancreatitis, Pancreatic Duct Dilation

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