Dr. Trupti V. Mathure, Dr. Shashikant P. Vaidya, Dr. Sunita D. Deshpande, Dr Geeta V. Koppikar


Fungal infections are an important cause of morbidity and mortality in immune-compromised patients. Keeping in mind the above facts, the study
was conducted to understand the prevalence of fungal meningitis in clinically suspected cases in Nair Hospital, Mumbai,including 180
patients,who were clinically suspected for fungal meningitis. Collection and microbiological analysis of cerebrospinal fluid for identification of
fungal isolates was carried out as per standard procedures. Total 35 fungal strains were isolated from total 180 cases and Cryptococcus neoformans
var neoformans being the most prevalent strain followed by Candida species, causing fungal meningitis in HIV positive patients. There was
significant association between fungal infections and HIV positivity.Amphotericin B was found to be the drug of choice for the fungal meningitis.


Fungal Meningitis, Hiv, Cryptococcus, Cerebrospinal Fluid

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