Dr Gopu Govindasamy, Dr. Syed Afroze hussain, Dr Subbiah Shanmugam, Dr. Rajkiran


Objective A Krukenberg tumor is a very rare ovarian tumor which has metastasized from a primary site, accounting for 1%-2% of all tumors of the
ovary. The presence of KTs indicate extensive malignant spread within the abdominal cavity. Chemotherapeutic drugs offering improved tumour
response rates generally have low antineopastic activity in the ovaries, which act as a sanctuary for cancer cells. Surgical intervention is a
reasonable alternative for the management of ovarian metastatic disease that is insensitive to these agents.Here we are presenting five cases of
ovarian metastasis in primary gastrointestinal malignancies which were surgically treated with good outcome.
Material and method This is case series review of five cases of ovarian metastasis in gastrointestinal malignancies in our institution from 2016 to
2018 which was treated surgically.
Results Out of the five case , three patient was post menopausal and two patient in premenopausal group . in relation to origin of primary disease,
two patients had primary in stomach, two from Pancreatico biliary and one from colorectal origin. Though patient with Krukenberg tumors have
poor prognosis and survival rate, in our series 3 cases survived more than one year with good outcomes.
Conclusion Palliative surgery for patients with Krukenberg tumors can be performed safely in an experienced unit with acceptable complication
rates. The decision to proceed with metastasectomy is influenced by several factors including the presence of symptoms, synchronous disease, and
tumor response to chemotherapy, and should be made as part of a multidisciplinary team consensus. Where possible, bilateral oophorectomy
should be performed to obviate the significant risk of symptomatic contralateral ovarian involvement.


Krukenberg Tumor, Antineopastic, Metastasectomy

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