Dr Preeti Goyal, Dr Suman Gupta


Introduction: Risk of aspiration is increased in patients undergoing elective or emergency surgery during general anaesthesia. The damage to the
lung tissue is more when the aspirated content is more acidic in nature. Hence, it’s always desirable to increase the pH of Gastric contents before
induction of anesthesia.
Methods: Total of 50 patients were enrolled in the study. They were equally divided in two groups of 25 each. Group I received 30 ml of 0.3M
sodium citrate solution while group II received 15 ml of Sodium citrate solution. The Gastric pH was measured at repeated intervals, at 0 minutes,
15minutes, 60 minutes and after 120 minutes of sodium citrate administration.
Results: The demographic parameters were comparable in both groups. There was significantly increased pH of Gastric Juice at sequential interval
as compared from base line in both the groups. The gastric pH increased significantly from baseline mean + SD value of 2.17+0.48 and 2.44+3.9 in
group I and group II to mean + SD value 5.3+0.56 and 4.5 + 0.42 respectively. The effect of sodium citrate was seen till 2hrs duration.
Conclusion: Single dose of Sodium citrate 0.3 Molar solutions was effective in increasing gastric juice pH from the baseline. The 30 ml single dose
of sodium citrate was more effective than a single dose of 15 ml.


Sodium Citrate, Gastric Juice, Aspiration, Anaesthesia

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