Dr. Anuj Srinivasan, Dr.K. Rajachidamb aram, Dr. P. Karthick.


IntroductionThyroid cancer is a heterogeneous disease that affects all age groups. The tumors are found to be more aggressive in the elderly. The
distribution of these cancers in India continues to remain uncertain. The impact of geographic locations in the incidence of thyroid malignancies is
yet to be explored. This study was done to estimate the prevalence and distribution of thyroid cancers.
Methodology This hospital based retrospective study was done at the Department of Surgery of our medical college hospital. About 50 medical
records of patients diagnosed with thyroid cancers at our hospital were analyzed. Data on clinical examination, ultrasound findings and
histopathology findings were documented.
ResultsThe average age of prevalence of thyroid cancers in males and female is males 59.4 years and female 38.8 years. In this study the peak
prevalence cases were found in papillary thyroid, in male out of 5cases 3 cases were present and in female out of 45cases 36 cases were present.
Conclusion The need for effective population based screening programmes to detect thyroid cancers is the well elucidated in this study.


Differentiated Cancers, Histopathology, Papillary Carcinoma, Thyroid Cancers,

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