Mahendra Kumar Betur Jayappa, Cherla Phani Sita Radhika Madhuri


Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disorder that has been recognised by the
Indian government as a major public health problem with far reaching
consequences. Every diabetic patient's life is unique. Many cannot
effectively control their disease but all patients are unanimous in their
opinion that diabetes has had a huge impact on their lives. They feel
psychologically overwhelmed by the numerous rules that the disease
requires them to follow. An added burden for them is the micro- and
macro-vascular complications associated with both short-term and
long-term diabetes management. Assessing the quality of life (QoL) of
patients is very difficult, due to the fact that each individual has their
own subjective view on their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.
This subjective opinion includes a cognitive element
satisfaction; as well as emotional component happiness. A declining
QoL and depression can strongly influence a patient's commitment
towards controlling their disease


emotional component happiness strongly influence

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