Jitendra. K. Mangtani, Harshit. Agarwal, Sakshi Singhal, Farendra Bharadwaj


Acute Abdomen is a condition encountered almost daily by the emergency surgeons all over the world. Identifying the exact cause of peritonitis is
not always possible but knowing it significantly improves the approach, morbidity, and mortality. The most common cause of pyometra is
malignancy of genital tract. Here we present a case of 65 yr female who presented with acute abdomen and on exploring the patient uterine
perforation was seen. Patient biopsy turned out to be malignancy (Ca.cervix). A diagnosis of a perforated Pyometra should always be kept in mind
as a possible cause of peritonitis in elderly women who present with acute abdomen.


significantly improves approach morbidity diagnostic

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