Mr. Amos Gelbard


Background: This article aims to explain the process in which Cortisol, known as the "Stress Hormone", designated to allow the transfer of
glucose from the body to the blood stream to respond to stressful situations, is the cause for several key illnesses, among them Alzheimer's Disease
and Diabetes, hypertension and schizophrenia.
This study will use past literature and connect the dots regarding the mechanism in which these illnesses work and explain why the way to
downgrade cortisol levels and therefore to possibly prevent or even cure these diseases, is by absorption of vitamin B12 and Folic acid through
nutrition or food supplementation.
Through analysis of previously researched literature this study will reach conclusions not previously discussed. It will use previous essays and
researches to support its theory and take them a step further to thoroughly explain the mechanisms and possible therapeutic strategies deriving from
Methods: The research relies on theory and analysis based on multiple previous studies referenced and quoted
Results: In AD, Diabetes and Hypertension high cortisol levels correlate with low folate and vitamin b12 levels and with high homeocysteine
Conclusions: A preventive and a possible treatment to AD and Diabetes as well as to other diseases explained is by consumption of folic acid and
viamin b12


Cortisol, Alzheimer's disease, Diabetes, Folic Acid, Folate, Vitamin B12

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