Lu Bai, Chengfang Wu, Yan Sha, Nannan Zhai


Study the effect of root canal preparation in three different tapers on the effect of root canal lling using the second generation novel cold ow root
canal lling system in vitro. 60 extracted human premolars with single root canal were divided randomly into 3 groups(A:02taper, B:04taper,
C:06taper and N=20). The root canals were prepared using NIC® Super File to 3 different tapers to get to 30#,and were obturated with GuttaFlow2
in single-cone obturation technique.Then the roots were sectioned at 3 and 6mm from apical foramen. All the sections were observed under a
stereo-microscope.Then these images were collected and analyzed.The percentage of gutta-percha-lled area(PGFA) was calculated by the
software.The lling effect of root canals were evaluated and recorded by X-ray. As the increasing of the root canal taper,at the 3mm level from apex,
the PGFA of group C was signicantly higher than that of the group A (p<0.05),and the PGFA between the three groups was statistical signicance
(P<0.05). At the 6mm level from apex,those of 3 groups have no statistical signicance (p>0.05). As the increasing of taper, the number of under-
lled root canal in the 3 groups decreased, but there was no statistical signicance in the 3 groups. When the taper of NI-TI instrument increase up to
06, it can effectively improve the effect of sealing in root canal lling and reduce the under-lled with the GuttaFlow2.But the effect of resisting
force of the tooth root remains to be studied.


GuttaFlow2; NI-TI instrument; root canal preparation; taper; effect of root canal lling

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