Qasim Faris Mohammed ALsultan, Safauldeen Salim


BACKGROUND: Acute appendicitis is the most common cause of acute abdomen in young adults approximately 7% of population develop
appendicitis in their life time thus making appendicectomy the most frequently performed abdominal operations the usual treatment of acute
appendicitis is by appendicectomy which can be performed by either Open Appendicectomy or Laparoscopic Assisted Appendicectomy
OBJECTIVE: The laparoscopic appendicectomy can be performed using total intracorporeal or laparoscopic hand assisted open appendicectomy
We present our experience of laparoscopic assisted appendicectomy(LAA) The objective was to assess the results retrospectively and
prospectively in terms of specic related complications,operation time,hospital stay and return of bowel activity
METHODS: Between years 2006-2013 three ports laparoscopic assisted appendicectomy was performed in 90 patients in Najaf Al-Ashraf city
with acute appendicitis,all patients with perforated and gangrenous appendicitis were included ,The appendicectomy was performed via an
assisted three ports method using 5 or 7 or 10mm umbilical port,another 5mm port in right iliac fossa exactly against the base of appendix and 5mm
port at left inguinal crease or suprapubic,all patients had their (LAA) done within 4-24 hours of admission
Result: Three ports laparoscopic assisted appendicectomy was successful in 98,88% of cases,acute appendicitis was the cause of acute abdomen in
100% of patients,the conversion to open appendicectomy was 1,11% of patients,the mean operation time was 32,5 minutes and the mean hospital
stay was less than one day,the port site infection was 0% ,visceral injury was 0% and intra-abdominal abscess also 0%
Conclusion: Laparoscopic Assisted Appendicectomy can be converted to total intracorporeal appendicectomy or to open appendicectomy when
required and has advantage of full laparoscopy of full abdomen,it has no limitations in cases of extreme obesity,thick mesentry,gangrenous
appendix,very large and thick appendix and difculty in nding the appendix,control of bleeding ,division of adhesions and deal with other
associated pathology,The overall morbidity was very low,there were no specic complications related to this technique and the incidence of port
site infection was 0%


conventional Appendicectomy appendicitis laparoscopic

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