Amit Bajpai, DB x DB Santra, Sandeepon Sarkar, Divya jyoti Sinha


Mastalgia  is amongst the most frequent reason for breast consultations in general practice. Despite the commonality of presentation, the etiology may remain obscure. Sonomammogram can be a critical investigation to derive a conclusive diagnosis and can facilitate specific treatment modality especially in a resource limited hospital. Aim &Objective -To determine the relevance  of ultrasound imaging in patients with mastalgia. Methodology: This cross sectional retrospective study was carried out at  Departments of Radiology, Pathology, Surgery at Military Hospital Mathura from Oct 16 to June18. The study included female patients with complaints of mastalgia of more than one month duration. After history and relevant examination,  patients were advised sonomammogram. FNAC was carried out in relevant cases. Results: A total of 163 female patients, aged 18-60 years, were included. USG findings showed fibrocystic disease in 77 (47.2%),focal lesions in 54 (33.1%) and no significant abnormality in 32(19.6% ) cases. Malignancy was found in 06 cases (3.6%). Conclusion: Ultrasound helps to determine the cause so that treatment for the etiology may be ascertained especially in a resource compromised peripheral hospital.


Mastalgia, Sonomammography, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology.

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