Dr Nidhi P A Barla, Dr Angel Tete, Dr (Prof) A K Sinha, Dr (Prof) K P Sinha


Colorectal cancers are relatively uncommon malignancies in India as compared to the western world as here there is less consumption of red and processed meat. According to recent cancer data in India, incidence of colorectal cancer is 4th in men and 3rd in women. Rectal cancers are more common in India[1].Considering such a low incidence in adults, it would be rare to find colorectal cancers in pediatric age group. We present a study on total 46 cases of colorectal cancers, among which 6 cases were in age below 25 years including two cases of adolescents.



A two year retrospective study from June 2016 to May 2018 was done. We came across total 46 cases of colorectal cancers, among which 18 cases were of females and 28 of males. Maximum number of cases were in age group 41- 50 i.e 14 cases. Two very rare cases of age 10 and 14 years were encountered which had very dismal prognosis at diagnosis itself. Other four cases were below 25 years of age and were also in advanced stage.



Colorectal cancers are generally cancers of 5th to 6th decades. They are less commonly encountered before 30 years of age; being extremely rare in pediatric age group i.e 1 case/ million. If they do so, they usually present in advanced stage and have poor histological stage and grade thus making them inoperable. A high level of suspicion coupled with a digital rectal examination followed by sigmoidoscopy and/or colonoscopy if required can result in early diagnosis which will go a long way in providing effective therapy [2].



Colorectal, Adenocarcinoma, adolescents, digital rectal examination.

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