K. Leela Prasad Babu, M. Venkata Subbaiah, V. Harika, K. Sudha Rani


Liver disorders constitute about 10 % of all diseases. Since the diagnosis of liver disorders is so difficult, identification of its
demographics is of great importance in present health scenario to understand more about diseases. The objective of this study is
to assess the prescribing pattern of drugs used in various liver disorders. This was a prospective observational study carried out for
a period of 6 months in general medicine outpatient, inpatient and ICU departments of RIMS tertiary care teaching hospital,
Kadapa. Out of 150 patients with hepatic disorders, 120 were diagnosed at admission and 30 were diagnosed to have hepatic
impairment during a hospital stay. Among them 120 were males and 30 were females. Antibiotics were the most commonly
prescribed drugs. Majority of patients were not affected by drug interactions, errors including prescribing errors were minimally
noted. It is the responsibility of a clinical pharmacist to communicate physician regarding the patients health conditions, drug
utilization, and their problems, which improves the community health status.


Liver Disorders, Hepatic Impairment, Prescribing Pattern.

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