Dr. Rasika R. Mhatre, Dr. Ashutosh Chitnis


INTRODUCTION: Blunt abdominal trauma is one of the leading causes of deaths in trauma setups with varied etiologies like
RTA(Road traffic accidents),assaults,fall etc.CT remains essential for detecting lesions that require immediate intervention and
those that require in-hospital observation and medical management.
OBJECTIVES:To evaluate the role of CT in diagnosing injuries following blunt abdominal trauma.
METHODS:Study of 50 patients with blunt abdominal trauma to MGM hospital, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai done with CT during
July 2016 to December 2016.
RESULTS:In the present study,injuries seen were:liver injuries - 12 patients,spleen - 16,renal- 3,urinary bladder- 8,bowel-
4,mesentery-6,pancreas-1.Predilection was seen in 15-40 year males.
DISCUSSION:The major advantages of CT scans is to identify the severitry of injury,to salvage the injured viscera and to manage
the patients sustaining trauma morbidity and mortality.
CONCLUSION:CT was found to be more sensitive for abdominal visceral injury for prompt diagnosis and management,


Computed Tomographic(CT),RTA(Road traffic accidents)

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