Dr. Pratik R. Gohil, Dr. Sonia Nikita Misquitta, Dr. Ashutosh Chitnis


Aim to describe the role of MRI in evaluation of AVN of femoral head.
Materials and Methods 50 patients with clinical suspicion of AVN were evaluated by 1.5T MRI using T1W1, T2W1 and STIR
sequence in axial, coronal and sagittal planes.
Results- Study comprised of 50 patients suffering from AVN of the hip (82 HIP JOINT). The maximum patients belonged to the age
group of 31-40 years. 32 patients were male and 18 patients female. Bilateral AVN were detected in 32 patients and unilateral
AVN in 18 patients. Bone marrow conversion , neck widening , marrow oedema, joint effusion, abnormal signal like band pattern,
ring pattern, homogenous and inhomogenous pattern are MRI characteristics of AVN .
CONCLUSION: MRI is sensitive for detection of AVN of the femoral head and can be used as a guidance for follow up of
conservative and surgical management of the disease.


homogenous inhomogenous pattern effusion abnormal

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