Dr. Ravi Kumar Gupta, Dr. Vikash Chandra Mishra, Dr. Gunjan Solanki


Background:-. Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder are severe mental disorders with complex etiology and pathophysiology that are
far from being established. Infectious and inflammatory processes could potentially play an important role in the etiology and
pathogenesis of psychotic disorders. Results of studies are mostly conclusive and show raised level of CRP in these disorders.
However, fewer are studies comparing CRP levels in drug naive patients of these diagnostic groups.
AIM:- To compare levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) in drug naive patients of first episode of schizophrenia, first episode of
bipolar disorder (mania) and healthy controls.
Methodology A cross sectional hospital based Analytic type of Observational study was carried out between September 2017
and MAY 2018 Which included drug naive thirty cases each of first episode of schizophrenia(FES),first episode bipolar disorder
(mania) (FEBP)patients with thirty age and sex matched healthy controls. Blood samples of these groups were taken for
measurement of serum CRP levels.
FES patients show significant raised serum C-reactive protein as compared to FEBP patients (mean diff. 5.90 and P <0.001) and
healthy controls (mean diff.8.48 and P <0.001), while FEBP patients also show significant raised serum C-reactive protein as
compared to healthy controls (mean diff. 2.58 and P <0.001).
CONCLUSION:- This present study adds to the growing body of literature indicating that schizophrenia is associated with
immune activation and elevated CRP.


First Episode Of Schizophrenia ,first Episode Of Bipolar Disorder (mania),c- Reactive Protein.

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