Bhagyashree A. Sagane, Haritosh K. Velankar, Apoorva Salguti, Cassandra A. Carvalho, Yogesh G. Dabholkar


As Otorhinolaryngologists it is relatively common to encounter patients with hoarseness of voice on a daily outpatient basis. Many
a times it is secondary to vocal cord palsy. The Recurrent Laryngeal and Superior Laryngeal nerves are a crucial element in
phonation. Damage to either of them or both is one of the common causes for this presentation. Very frequently, patients we see
on the outpatient basis with this complaint go uninvestigated and undiagnosed with a secondary cause. A missed or delayed
diagnosis may lead to an erroneous treatment plan.


Laryngeal Palsy, Non-infective Chest Pathology, Sudden Onset Hoarseness

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