Dr. H. Hariharan, Dr. R. Ganeshmurthi


Economy, trade, and entrepreneurship are related to the world of men (Kyriakos Lingas 2013) with the advent and swift progress
in field of sophisticated technology and the forces of globalization, any country, to nurture today in the globe of powerful
opposition, requires entrepreneurs at the core of the economic growth. Entrepreneurial activities and entrepreneurship has been
dominated by males since age but today in India women also a key player in economic development of the nations. Dimov
(2010),Emami A (2017),Klein PG (2008) entrepreneurs primary task is acting in the face of uncertainty to discover, evaluate, and
exploit profit opportunities often in the form of new ventures Francis T. Hannafey(2003) Entrepreneurs face uniquely complex
moral problems related to basic fairness, personnel and customer relationships, distribution dilemmas, and other challenges.
Entrepreneurs, to seek opportunity, with their inherent intelligence, drive and hard work, have made best use of the opportunities
available to them. Hence, the paper evaluates the specific problems venture by the entrepreneurs in the success of firm. An
attempt is made to identify the challenges faced by these entrepreneurs, by reviewing various literatures and provide some
suggestion for overcoming these obstacles.


Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur Challenges, enhancing entrepreneurs

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