Dr. Sunila Jaggi, Dr. Sonali Shah, Dr Inder Talwar, Dr. Nirav Thaker, Dr. Punit Mahajan, Dr. Piyush Gupta, Dr. Disha Kaj


Atrial septal defects account for 10 to 15 % of congenital heart disease and are classified into four types. Sinus venosus type
accounts for only 1 % of all congenital heart disease. It is present high in the interatrial septum in continuity with the superior vena
cava hence difficult to diagnose on routine echocardiography. We report a rare case of a sinus venosus atrial septal defect (ASD)
diagnosed on CT pulmonary angiography which was missed on a routine 2D echocardiography in a 64-year old female who
presented with symptoms of worsening dyspnoea.


Congenital heart disease, Sinus venosus ASD, CT pulmonary angiography

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