Bhandari Rekha, Bhandari Ruchi, Tripathi Shashi Lara, Poddar Pratima


Hemorrhage after first trimester abortion is usually abnormal. Painless vaginal bleeding can be caused by abnormal placentation,
coagulopathy or procedure complications such as perforation and retained product of conception. Cesarean scar ectopic
pregnancy is the rarest of all ectopic pregnancies. We are reporting a rare case of gravida 3 para 2 living 2 with previous two
cesarean section deliveries, having cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy with intra-myometrial hematoma presented to hospital with
pain in lower abdomen and bleeding per vaginally since two months. Diagnosis was done by serum


cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy, hemorrhage, intra-myometrial hematoma, laparoscopy etc.

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