Dr.Himangi Ramesh Bhokare


Background-Paravertebral block is effective mode of anaesthesia and analgesia with minimal side effects.
Methodology-100 patients of ASA 1 & 2 between the age of 18 to 65 years were enrolled in the study. They were randomly
divided into two groups (group P and group S)each having 50 patients. Group P received unilateral paravertebral block at
T10,T11,T12 and L1 level with 20 ml of 0.5 % of bupivacaine with 5ml at each level. Group S received unilateral spinal anaesthesia
at L3-L4 intervertebral with Inj. Bupivacaine heavy (0.5%) 12 mg.Both groups were evaluated for ease of technique,onset of
action, intraoperative hemodynamics duration of analgesia ambulation time, time for rescue analgesia ,side effects. Statistical
analysis was done by using unpaired t-test test.
Result- learning curve for paravertebral block is greater . onset of action was more for paravertebral block . Intraoperative
hemodynamics were stable group P. postoperative analgesia was prolonged in group p and early ambulation was possible in
group p. side effects were less in group p compared to group S
Conclusion- Paravertebral block can be recommended as a safe alternative anaesthetic technique for uncomplicated inguinal
hernia repair not only in normal patients but also in patients with comorbid conditions.


paravertebral block,unilateral subarachnoid block

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