Dr M. Lakshmi Narayana, Dr S.M Azeem Mohiyuddin, Dr Shilpa MD, Dr Divya Jyothi N


Primary cuteanous lymphomas are one of the extra nodal types of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Primary cutaneous lymphomas are
mainly divided into B-cell and T-cell. B-cell Follicle centre Lymphoma is most common of all B-cell lymphomas. We present a 38
year old lady who came with an erythematous firm swelling in the right infra orbital region. FNAC showed features of acute and
chronic inflammatory cells. The lesion was excised and histopathology showed features of lymphoid follicle formation with
centrocytes and centroblasts in dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Immunohistochemistry showed neoplastic nodules positive for
CD20, Mum-1, BCL-6 and negative for BCL-2, CD79a, CD10 and CD43. All these features were consistent with follicular variant
of follicle centre lymphoma, which is rare. Postoperative PET-CT didn't show any uptake elsewhere. The patient was disease free
and was on regular follow up since 2 years. Cutaneous lymphomas are rare and have an indolent course when compared with
nodal lymphomas. Primary cutaneous Follicle centre B-cell lymphoma has a good prognosis with a 5-year survival rate up to 95%
but do have local recurrences.


Cutaneous lymphoma, Infraorbital region, Follicle centre cell, Immunohistochemistry.

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