Sachin G. Khedikar, Asmita S. Khedikar


Introduction: In Ayurved the obesity is described under the heading of Shaulya. Acharya Charak has included this one among
eight despicable personalities. Many problems associated with obesity were known at that period also. The rising rates of
Diabetes, Coronary and Cerebrovascular disease with the consequent health and financial burden for the population are the
concern to it. Obesity and Hyperlipidemia being the most common problems in all age groups, there is a necessity to combat them
with treatment mentioned in classics along with integration of allied therapies. The comprehensive treatment plan for Atisthulata
would be generated which may encourage our understanding of prevention and management of conditions like obesity and
Aim & Objective: Establishment of integrative approach for management of Sthaulya (obesity) and dyslipidemia through
Ayurved and other allied sciences.
Materials & Methods: The texts and Samhitas of Ayurved, related to topic, supportive texts of contemporary science were
critically reviewed for understanding the core issues of obesity. Recent research papers and literature from internet was also
studied extensively. Since obesity is emerging problem of India and globe and has no effective treatment by single intervention the
efforts are done to find out integrative approach for the same.
Observations & Results: Over-obese is constantly indisposed and should be managed constantly by bulk reducing measures like
Guru (heavy) and Apatarpan (non-saturating) therapy. Guru-apatarpan means the drugs having Guru property but is nonsaturating
nature. Four treatment modes are described by Charak i.e. i) Food and drinks that alleviating Vata and reducing Kapha
and Fat ii) Enema - rough, hot and sharp (Lekhan/Vaitaran Basti) iii) Rough anointing - Udvartan iv) Drugs like Guduchi, Devadaru,
Musta, Triphala. Takrarishta and honey are recommended for over-obese individuals. Agni, Dosha, Strotas, diet and lifestyle
modification are core issues to address in these cases.
Conclusion: Obesity can be treated with Ayurved regimen in all perspectives i.e. General/External Measures, Drugs/ Medicine,
Diet/dietary habits and Vihar/ Lifestyle, Patthya-apattya along with suggested Pan and Anupan.


Dyslipidemia, Obesity, Sthaulya

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