Dr. Om Prakash Dudi, Dr Parth Singh Meena



Buprenorphine is a new drug for maintenance therapy of opioid dependence. Aside from its role in harm reduction it may potentially enhances client’s quality of life. This study aims to identify the impact of Buprenorphine as a substitution therapy  on clients’ quality of life,hormonal level and sexual life after 6 weeks in treatment .


In this prospective study , 102 subjects from my private clinic were selected. The raw score from the WHO Quality of Life questionnaire (WHOQOL-BREF), at baseline and 6week of buprenorphine therapy were collected and converted to 0–100 scale form to give quality of life scores for four domains; physical, psychological, social, relationships and environment. Other variables of interest were socio-demography, age when joining therapy, age and duration of illicit ,drug use, sexual dysfunction were collected . Statistical analysis used the SPSS version 16.


The results showed significant positive mean differences in all four domains with p values ≤ 0.001. The largest mean difference was for psychological domain, with mean improvement of 14.84 ± 20.88. Social domain showed the least improvement in WHOQOL scores (6.34 ± 18.80).On Beck depression inventory (BDI) there was significant difference after 6week of therapy (p=.0008) .There was  significant difference in levels of serum Testosterone, Estradiol andProlactin . Serum AST( aspartate aminotransferase) decreased from 33.5 ± 8.2 to  29.1 ± 6.4  with p value of less than 0.0001.


There was a significant improvement in the quality of life and sexual life of  individuals who remained in the programme for  6 weeks.


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