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Background : Collaboration in health is very important because each health worker hasknowledge, skills, keah lian, and different
experiences that can improve performance in various aspects related to health care system. This study aims to determine the
relationship of factors related to the effective implementation of nurse and doctor collaboration
Method : This research is a quantitative study with cross sectional design. The sample in this research is Team Leader at Inpatient
Installation of Major General HA Thalib Kerinci General Hospital which amounts to 39 people with total sampling technique. Data
collection using Nurse-Physician Collaboration Scale Questionnaire (NPCS) and Tang 2013. Bivariate data analysis with chi square
and multivariate with logistic regression.
Results : The results showed that p-value = 0.042 and communication (p-value = 0.007) hadrelationship significant with the
effective collaboration of nurses and doctors at Major General HA Thalib Kerinci General Hospital. Factors most related to the
effective implementation of nurse and physician collaboration are the factors of communication
Conclusion : It is advisable to the Hospital need to improve the more effective communication between nurses and doctors.


Collaborative factors, Effective collaborative implementation

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