Prof. V.A Dubey


Production planning and control (PPC) seeks to provide an optimal and effective measure so as to counter the underlying risk and
uncertainty in the firms operations and its capability to meet the market expectations and is hence one of the key variables
impacting the operations of a contemporary business organization. Choice of appropriate method is critical to efficiently operate
and sustain operations in the complex business environment that we witness today. Moreover, the PPC methods must be dynamic
to fit-in with the changing environmental requirements while ensuring the optimization of delivery. In response to the above
requirement, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has evolved over a period of time and come to be recognized as the most
important resource planning and control mechanism. No wonder, it enjoys a wide spread applicability today. ERP basically
manages the manufacturing process by effecting harmony and integration amongst the various production planning and control
functions resulting in optimization of resource usage.
This paper closely examines the recent changes that have occurred in PPC methods and how they have impacted the
manufacturing firm. Limitations of the existing techniques have been highlighted while suggesting improvement measures for
optimizing the organisational efficiency.


Production Planning And Control, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain.

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