Ramazan Topcu, Murathan Erkent, Murat Kendirci, İbrahim Tayfun sahiner


Ectopic or heterotrophic liver refers liver tissue that is located outside the normal liver location. Although there is no strong
information about long-term follow-up results of the ectopic liver, surgical resection is recommended because of the high
likelihood of carcinogenesis (hepatocellular carcinoma). However, it has been reported that this possibility is lower in the
gallbladder localization. Since it is rare, heterotopy may not be considered during diagnosis. However, in abdominal
ultrasonography or tomography, the ectopic liver tissue should be considered for focal thickening with the same characteristics as
the liver in the gallbladder wall. In this study, two cases of ectopic liver, which were detected incidentally on gallbladder during
laparoscopic cholecystectomy and Whipple surgery, were presented.


ectopic liver, chorisitoma, heterotrophic liver, gallbladder

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