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The Rioter Who Posed With His Feet On Nancy Pelosi's Desk In The Capitol Was Found Guilty

The jury on Capitol Hill returned a guilty verdict that Capitol rioter with foot on Nancy Pelosi's desk was found guilty during the attack on Congress. Trump supporter Richard "Bigo" Barnett was one of the mob that stormed the building in 2020 to overturn the outcome of the presidential election.

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The jury on Capitol Hill returned a guilty verdict that Capitol rioter with foot on Nancy Pelosi's desk was found guiltyduring the attack on Congress. Trump supporter Richard "Bigo" Barnett was one of the mob that stormed the building in 2020 to overturn the outcome of the presidential election.
After stealing an envelope from Mrs. Pelosi's office, he posed for photographers and boasted about it. Officials claim he had a stun gun and could have hurt Mrs. Pelosi.

What Did Barnett Do During The US Capitol Riot?

Among the charges against Barnett are those of obstruction of an official procedure, entering and staying in a restricted facility or grounds with a lethal weapon, and theft of government property. He is said to have rushed the building with other staunch Trump supporters.
BBC said that authorities stated he had a stun gun and might have hurt Pelosi. The Washington, DC jury deliberated for less than three hours before finding Barnett guilty of all eight counts against him in the US capital Riot case.
We can only imagine what would have happened if (Pelosi) had been there at the time.- Alison Prout, Federal prosecutor
Pelosi, who was Speaker of the House of Representatives during the riots on January 6, was among the MPs who were evacuated from the house floor as demonstrators invaded the building.
After being removed from the building by police, Barnett left a message on Mrs. Pelosi's desk in which he used a misogynistic insult and then boasted into a bullhorn, "I stole Nancy Pelosi's office."
Barnett, who was found guilty on Monday, said he did not get a fair trial because the jury was not comprised of his "peers." Since Barnett's sentence hearing isn't scheduled to occur until May 3, he will be able to enjoy his lifeand his family until then, while facing decades in federal prison.

Jury finds Jan. 6 rioter who sat at Nancy Pelosi's desk guilty of all charges

Trial Proceedings

Barnett said the jury was not composed of his "peers" and that he did not get a fair trial when the decision was read on Monday. Joe McBride, his attorney, has said that he plans to file an appeal.
Washington DC, is not a state. He's not surrounded by people of Arkansas, where he came from.- Mr. McBride
The court released him from jail until May 3rd, when he will be sentenced. He might spend decades behind bars if convicted.
When considering the legal fallout from the assault on Congress on January 6, 2021, the Barnett trial stands out. About half of those accused with federal offenses linked to the breach have entered guilty pleas, bringing the total number of guilty pleas to close to 500.
As of Monday, four Oath Keepers, a far-right organization, were found guilty of seditious conspiracy for their part in the 2021 assault. This conviction is very unusual since it stems from a legislation enacted during the Civil War that makes it illegal to plan or conspire against the government.

Final Words

In a second trial in November, two more Oath Keepers members, including the group's founder Stewart Rhodes, were also convicted of seditious conspiracy. It has been claimed by prosecutors that Rhodes was a "battlefield general" during the assaults and that he planned to use violence to prevent the certification of the 2020 US presidential election.
Seditious conspirators risk up to 20 years in jail if found guilty.
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