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Healing Prayers - Prayers To Heal The Body

One of the most important prayers we say is for healing. When we are in pain, we can go to Jesus Christ, the Great Physician, to get better. God has the power to make us better, whether we need help with our bodies or our spirits.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Oct 20, 202215 Shares371 Views
One of the most important prayerswe say is for healing. When we are in pain, we can go to Jesus Christ, the Great Physician, to get better.
Use these healing prayersto ask God to help your sick loved ones get better and to wash away your sins. God has the power to make us better, whether we need help with our bodies or our spirits.
Put your hope and trust in the Lord and His never-ending love. Don't forget to pray for the salvation of sick family and friends.
Ask God to forgive their sins and to have mercy on them, whether they are sick or healthy.

A Prayer For Healing Sick Family And Friends

Lord Jesus, thank you for loving (name of the person who needs healing). I pray for your compassion and healing of all diseases.
In Psalm 107:19-20, you promise to provide orders, heal, and save us from death when we call on you. I believe you still cure miraculously like in the Bible. I think you can heal anything as the Bible says you can raise the dead, therefore please heal them.
From my earthly experience, not everyone is healed. If that happens here, keep my heart gentle toward you, help me grasp your plan, and get me enthusiastic about paradise.
God, I thank you that (name of person who needs healing) belongs to you and that you manage everything from our first breath to our last sigh. Amen.
Two women holding their hands together in prayer
Two women holding their hands together in prayer

A Prayer To Heal From Depression

Lord, it feels as though my entire world has fallen apart, plunging me into a pit of darkness. I humbly offer myself to you. I am scared, helpless, and yearning for you. Lord, please get me out of this hole and guide me, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

For Health And Healing

God, only you can heal. You are peace. Give us your presence and complete trust. In all pain, tiredness, and anxiety, teach us to succumb to your never-failing care, knowing that your love and power surround us, believing in your wisdom and providence to give us health, strength, and peace when your time is best; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Healing Prayers?

The oil of your healing, O Lord, runs through me like a live stream. Every day, I choose to bathe in these pure waters. I'll keep my eyes on you and hope that I'll totally heal. I give you everything I have and pray for your peace.

What Is A Short Healing Prayer?

Lord, please look at me with mercy. May Your healing hand rest on me, and may Your life-giving powers flow into every cell of my body and deepest soul, cleansing, purifying, and returning me to wholeness and vigor for service in Your Kingdom. Amen.

How Do You Say Pray For Fast Healing?

Please provide (insert name) and me excellent health so we can praise your holy name. Amen. I hope for speedy and sweet relief from all your pains. In Jesus' name, may He strengthen you and accelerate your recovery.


During his time on earth, Jesus Christ said many prayers for healing, and the sick got better by some miracle. When we pray for the sick today, our Lord continues to pour out his healing balm.
Do you know anyone who needs to be healed by God? Do you want to pray for a sick family member or friend? Use these prayers and Bible verses to ask the Great Healer, the Lord Jesus Christ, to help them get better.
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