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How Yubo Is Pioneering The Social Discovery Revolution

Yubo is at the forefront as social media evolves, championing a social discovery model that values real-time interaction over passive media consumption.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
May 02, 20247 Shares1.2K Views
Yubo is at the forefront as social media evolves, championing a social discovery model that values real-time interaction over passive media consumption.
Yubo is totally shaking up the way we meet new folks online. This isn't your average social platform; it's all about forging real, live connections that matter. In today’s digital world, the app is making waves by reinventing how we meet and interact with new people online.
During a chat on the “Big Technology Podcast,” CEO Sacha Lazimi explained: “Yubo is a social discovery platform that enables anyone to hang out, have fun with people they don't know and have meaningful interactions anywhere in the world at any time.”
So, what's this buzz about social discovery? Imagine a digital playground where you get to meet cool new people and check out fresh interests. While typical social media keeps you looped in with your current friends, the live social discovery app throws you into a mix of exciting new faces, helping you expand your social circle in awesome ways.
Lazimi is excited about how platforms like Yubo could change the game and help users form new relationships. “The idea is that you connect with people that are not from your network, people you don't know, people that can be in another country or city. You just need to speak the same languages.
“And if you are at home and you just want to start a conversation with a group of people from the same age, with someone with the same interests, you can just do that in one minute by using YuBucks,” he said.
Speaking of YuBucks, they’re the app’s very own currency, like magic coins that let you unlock cool powers on the app. What’s great about them is their flexibility — they don’t force you to decide right away what you want to use them for. Buy some now, think later. Plus, they never expire, so take your time to explore and choose exactly what features you want to employ to enhance your social discovery experience.
Safety is a big deal for the platform, which has teamed up with artificial intelligence tech firms like Yoti to ensure everyone's experience is safe. “Everything that is visual, textural, and audio is scanned by an algorithm, which flags bad content for our safety specialist," Lazimi said.

Yubo and the Evolution of Social Discovery

It all started in Paris in 2015. Lazimi and the live social discovery app’s co-founders, Jérémie Aouate and Arthur Patora, wanted to fix what was missing in typical social networks: genuine connection. “I've been on the mission of improving the way how people connect and interact with the same co-founder for almost 15 years now,” Lazimi shared. “Before, we failed with two previous products, and Yubo was really the iteration of what we learned on building consumer applications.”
They knew they had to do something different: “It's really, really complicated to connect with people that are not from your network. And we focus on that part,” said Lazimi. He created the live social discovery app to move away from the passive scrolling of feeds to something more engaging.
Just a year after its launch, Yubo hit 10 million signups, mainly attracting Generation Z users. “Back in the day, we had 99% of people between 13 and 17,” Lazimi noted. This crowd digs the platform because it offers genuine, interactive ways to connect.
Flash forward to 2024, and it’s spicing things up with a new look to match the evolving tastes of its audience. The platform now embraces a more mature vibe with a sophisticated color palette and authentic imagery. “Chat. Stream. Vibe”: Yubo’s new tagline captures its essenceperfectly.
“But this generation, the next generation, and even us today, are increasingly connected. And we more and more have this need to socialize online, like we are socializing offline because this is part of our life. And this need wasn't solved by the social network,” Lazimi said.
Yubo isn’t just another app in the social discovery scene — it’s leading it, making sure everyone can forge connections that are real and meaningful.
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