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5 Precious Gifts That Express Your Thought Without Breaking The Bank

We suggest gifts that stand the test of time, offer comfort, bring back good memories, and facilitate convenience and detachment from technology

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Jan 05, 202336 Shares1.3K Views
“After all, it’s the thought that counts!” That’s what we’re often told when we express uncertainty as to whether the recipient will like our gift. A cliché remark? Well, not necessarily…gift-giving has been substantially researched, especially by Assistant Professor in Marketing, Julian Givi. One of his studiesconducted in 2021 revealed that givers tend to forget that “for recipients it’s the thought that counts” because although people tend to “focus on thoughtfulness, [they] incorrectly believe othersfocus on relative gift value,” i.e. the value of their gift compared to that of other gift-givers.
With this in mind, we have compiled a list of gifts that can prove your effort and thoughtfulness to the recipient, without breaking the bank.
Although gifts like books, alcohol and gadgets can be very useful and appealing, they tend to be exclusive to a category of people. The following five gifts, in contrast, can be given to virtually anyone, and since they come in various shapes and forms, they can be tailored to the receiver’s unique tastes, character, experience and lifestage.

The Gift of Comfort

Socks, slippers or anything cosy to prevent shivers. Rhyme intended!

Don’t you just love curling up with a warm drink on the sofa during winter? Well, it feels nicer when you’re wearing the right socks or any other cosy accessory. Such a gift translates into an offering of comfort, a timeless need that would benefit anyone. Socks are our personal favourite because everyone wears them, all year round, so they also make for a very practical and useful gift. As a gift-giver, choosing socks is quite hassle-free in termsof choice of size; and since the variety of socks you can buy is endless, you can always opt for ones that match the personality and lifestyle of your recipient, thus rendering this generic gift a personalised one. There’s no harm in explaining to the recipient why you went for that specific style and colour. It actually goes to show that you took time and made an effort to tailor your gift specifically for them.

The Gift That Stands the Test of Time

A Reusable Container

Whether it’s a vacuum flask, a bowl, a lunchbox, or a storage box/bag, giving a container as a gift is as practical and useful as the previous gift. This is the perfect gift for children, new house owners, tea/coffeeaddicts, families and anyone who eats, drinks and travels – that includes pretty much every person you know, doesn’t it? The good thing about giving a container as a gift is that it isn’t consumed, thus standing the test of time. A container can indirectly serve as a keepsake to remind the receiver of your relationship, and the occasion which earned them this thoughtful gift from you. And, the fact that it’s eco-friendly is an added plus!

The Gift of Good Memories

Photo Tiles

A gift for anyone - be they your best friend, close relative or even your neighbor who you’ve fostered a solid relationship with over the years! Heck… why not purchase one for yourself. Who said treating yourself was a bad thing? And if you’re racking your brains on where to find this bespoke product, look no further, because storyboards.iohas got you sorted. And, just because their prices are reasonable, it doesn’t take away from the fact that each wall tile is created from premium quality material. In fact, every tile is made from a top-quality, high-density PVC foam, with photos created through high quality UV printing techniques. In other words, you know you’re getting value for every cent spent!

The Gift of Convenience

Mobile Charger or Portable Battery Charger

According to mobile user statisticsupdated in December 2022, 90.7% of the world population owns a mobile phone. Having an extra charger is never a bad idea, both because losing it is more frequent than we wish to admit, and also because having a spare one would allow for more convenience and mobility. The same statistics source shows that 83.07% of the population own smart phones, so gifting a portable battery charger is definitely a great idea too, if the receiver doesn’t already have one!

The Gift of Detachment from Technology


The notebook came first, way way before any gadget. A notebook is the ultimate staple that can be used for school, work and any other activity that requires lists or plans. A notebook might very well inspire journaling which is a known healthy habit. Encouraging the classic use of pen and paper is also a way of promoting disconnection from digital devices, which, apart from giving the eyes a break from excessive screen time, also allows for a more clear and less fragmented mind. To tailor this gift to the recipient, you might want to jot down a sweet, personalised message on the notebook’s front page or perhaps add a little artistic touch to the cover, which would appeal to them in particular.
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