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The Problem Is Not You, It’s… You Are GEMINIS!

Yes, it is true that it is becoming more and more frequent, especially in the new generation, to consider astral compatibility. Surely, it has happened to more than one person to be with friends and have a conversation in which they relate an anecdote of one of their dates.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
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Yes, it is true that it is becoming more and more frequent, especially in the new generation, to consider astral compatibility. Surely, it has happened to more than one person to be with friends and have a conversation in which they relate an anecdote of one of their dates. They describe a wonderful girl, with an incredible smile, where there is a great connection, with a good conversation, and also superfluid.... There are lots of laughs and between nonsense comments comes the question!... What sign are you? ....
It is increasingly common that the zodiac sign is an aspect to be valued, especially by people of the centennial generation. But why does this happen? What makes it so attractive or incompatible? So here, and with the help of Skokka, we will explain if the zodiac really has an actual influence on love and sex life.

To be or not to be compatible, that’s the question

The social and economic instability in which we live makes many people, especially the new generations, look for answers to clarify their doubts on several issues. One of them, compatibility with other people. To verify it, they use astrology and horoscopes. This is because it gives immediate answers to complex problems beyond all calculations and research, among others.
And the fact is that the stars have amazed human beings for hundreds and thousands of years. In recent decades, and although very few people openly admit believing in them, interest in these practices is continuously rising. Just look at social networks like Tiktok or Instagram, where, sometimes in a humorous way, they report how the planets and the cosmos affect the decisions you make or if certain people are compatible with you. Could being Taurus be the reason why you want to date a hot Canberra escort?
For most specialists, the stars give a series of characteristics about the personality that allow us to know ourselves better and, in turn, other people around us. This is why there is such a fascination with horoscopes and astrology. Since the beginning of time, astrology has been responsible for answering these great unknowns and revealing all the mysteries of the planet earth.

Compatibilities according to each sign

But can the fact that one person is a Leo and another an Aquarius really affect the way they relate to each other? In sentimental matters, is it really up to each one to direct their destiny or is it also written by the stars? As it has surely happened to a friend or acquaintance or even to one of us, love and sex are very different aspects that we tend to confuse. These love failures or successes that may have happened, may be due to the compatibility according to the zodiac sign of each person.
You can have a wonderful date with one of the beautiful Manchester escortsin England, have a great wild connection and great chemistry.... but zero compatibility on the emotional level or vice versa. Can this be due to the horoscope that each one has? In order to answer this question and prove it, here is an analysis of the most important zodiac compatibilities for each sign.


Aries, honest, direct and sometimes too sincere. That is why it has more in common with an Aquarius, Taurus or Leo. In sex, it is impulsive and tends to like things to happen as planned.


They usually have long-term goals. In love, it is the same, it likes fidelity and honesty. The signs most compatible with the sign of the bull are Leo, Capricorn and Taurus itself.


Here you have the opposite. The opposite, Gemini is a changeable sign with zero emotional instability. The most compatible signs are Leo and Aquarius.


Cancers are super emotional. This great sensitivity can be a great gateway to meeting someone from the Leo, Pisces and Taurus signs.


Leo has a way of being very self-confident, ambitious and self-centered. This is why it is the most compatible with Aries, Cancer and Sagittarius.


You need to take the rains of absolutely everything that happens in your life, and obviously your partner also falls into that group. Therefore the most compatible signs are Sagittarius and another Virgo.


You tend to think that not everyone is at your level. For that reason it costs him/her a lot to create great affective bonds. The most compatible signs are: Geminis, Taurus or Capricorn.


A territorial star that above all seeks stability when connecting with a person. For this reason the signs that most complement are: Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus.


A mix between calm and passion, they need someone who complements the duality of their personality. For that reason they have great affinity with: Aries, Leo and Virgo.


They like adventure, challenges and that there is always that spark, at their side the signs that best complement them are Capricorn and Scorpio.


A person of clear ideas, who knows what he wants at all times, needs people by his side that give him security. That is why Libra and Aquarius are good partners.


You naturally tend to get complicated, they don't like easy things. They can also be very comfortable and stable in your love or sexual relationship but your head and your heart will always say different things. For this reason, the signs most like-minded are: Taurus and Cancer.

So, how do you know which one is the definitive?

It is important to remember that compatibility is the key for success as a couple. Aspects such as having common tastes, having good communication, the emotional background that each one carries because of past experiences or the moment of life in which you are with that person, are some things that can improve the affective and sexual relationships.
Therefore, the next time you have a date with your partner, a lover or one of theescorts Australia, you can try to look at the stars. Who knows, maybe you will discover something new to explore and to go deep into what you had never thought of before. Knowing yourself will always help to be able to create a more intimate bond with other people. This is something the stars can help us with.
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