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Why Content That Hits Is All About Context

Why create content? Because that’s what the internet demands? No! Get smart about your content creation by applying the right context.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Nov 17, 2022
It’s a Gary V special: the saying “Content is king, but context is God.” And ain’t that the truth. If you take his piece from 2016 on the subject, it still stands tall today. Gary Vee, aka Gary Vaynerchuk has managed to stand the test of time as a business prophet of sorts, with razor sharp business acumen and marketing spunk, he also comes across as a man of the people. Across socials, TV, podcasts, and more, he has collected a following whipped with fervour and launched some top media groups.

Content is king

It’s true that content really is king, as you can witness by the barrage of posts, tweets, reels, emails, and ads that you witness from so many people and businesses around the world, each and every day. Without online content, in 2022, it is like that person or business does not exist.
Site owner and veteran online casinoreviewer at NoDepositExplorer, Emma Davis had a thing or two to say about this:
‘Of course content will be and always remain king. But what is it without context? This is an often very much overlooked component, and it shouldn’t be, because content’s malleability depends solely on context.’

Content does not exist in a vacuum

A single piece of content, no matter how brilliant it may be, will not be impactful or achieve its goals if it is not treated with the right context. For instance, if you post a blog on your business website about a boutique wood you use in your construction company, you need to understand why you’re doing that and how it’s going to reach your readers. If it’s just because you’re excited about a new product, that’s the wrong answer. Did you post the piece for SEO purposes, so that people could search for a construction company in your area that uses that particular type of wood? Did you post it to inform business partners you have a new product offering? Is it just to bulk out your website a bit?
And then you need to dig into the “who” you want to read this piece, and how you’re going to get their eyes on it. If it’s for investors to read, you might link to it in a monthly newsletter or talk about it in your AGM. If it’s for promotion through aesthetic brands and magazines, you may need to reach out to them and buy advertising space, or even post the piece natively on their site, alongside promotion across your socials, but highly focused on Instagram. If it’s for staff to gain a greater understanding of a new product, it might be posted on your intranet instead.
Know who the piece of content is aimed at, the target audience, and where the best place (or places) to reach them is.

A cohesive brand voice, tweaked for various channels

The CEO writes an opinion piece. A freelance graphic designer comes up with a handful or Instagram posts before in-house graphics take over the job. The head of sales is a guest on a podcast. The marketing intern is in charge of Twitter. Are all these contributors on the same page with brand voice?
When the messages you are conveying, along with the tone, sentiment, and style, conflict across your content, it makes your company look confused by itself. This is a surefire way to make content consumers wary and distrustful of your brand. Creating messaging and style guides, along with scripts and popular repeated phrases, you can ensure that you’re coming across as a cohesive team.
A successful campaign can skyrocket leads/views/sales
While a one-shot piece of content may be all well and good, if it is within the context of a wider campaign, it can amplify its impact. A campaign is a series of content distributed over some time period. This may be through a variety of mediums like web, socials, in-person events, videos, competitions, and more. Creating a campaign requires a more thorough strategy, but the aim is the same: know your audience, know how to reach them, and know how to hook them.

People are bombarded by content: Make it count

The number of pieces of content each and every one of us see every day is dizzying, and even at times overwhelming. The power of automation has given content creators the ability to pump out content at a steady stream if they so wish. But you don’t want to fatigue your audience. If you have an unsubscribe, learn from it. Interactions go down, maybe you’re overexposed yourself. Try and hit that sweet spot for true success: it may take quite a bit of testing to find it, but you can get there.
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