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Afsana Khan - An Indian Punjabi Playback Singer, Actress And Songwriter

In the world of Indian Punjabi music, Afsana Khan is a well-known personality who excels as a playback singer, actress, and lyricist. In 2012, she began her adventure on the stage of the third season of the singing reality competition Voice of Punjab. She was able to place among the top 5 finalists because of her amazing skills.

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In the world of Indian Punjabi music, Afsana Khanis a well-known personality who excels as a playback singer, actress, and lyricist. In 2012, she began her adventure on the stage of the third season of the singing reality competition Voice of Punjab. She was able to place among the top 5 finalists because of her amazing skills.
As she entered Rising Star Season 1 in 2017, Afsana's musical talent continued to enthrall viewers. She emerged as a fierce competitor and earned a spot among the top seven contestants.
Notably, Afsana Khan's voice has given birth to songs like "Dhakka," a duet with Sidhu Moose Wala, and "Titliaan," written by the renowned Jaani. The depth of Afsana Khan's career speaks to both her evident brilliance and her tenacity in the entertainment business.

Quick Facts About Afsana Khan

Real NameAfsana Khan
ProfessionSinger, actress, and songwriter
Age29 Years
Birth PlaceBadal, Sri Muktasar Sahib, Punjab
Date of Birth12 June 1994
Afsana Khan Sitting With Sidhu
Afsana Khan Sitting With Sidhu

The Early Life Of Afsana Khan

On Monday, June 13, 1994, Afsana Khan was born in the hamlet of Badal, which is located in Sri Muktsar Sahib. She was born under the sign of Sagittarius. Her age is 29 years, and she is a Muslim Punjabi lady of Indian ethnicity. Her ancestry is Indian. Afsana received all of her education at the Government Senior Secondary School in the hamlet of Badal.
She has completed her education in Punjab. Afsana was born into a musical family; both of her parents and both of her grandparents were singers and musicians. Afsana was too young when her father died; therefore, she never knew him. Afsana got her start in the music industry at a very early age so that she could help support her family financially.

Family Of Afsana Khan

Afsana was from a household that practiced Islam but was quite impoverished. Her whole family practices Islam and prays in front of the Kaaba, which is considered to be the holiest site for Muslims. Afsana comes from a musical family, and both her grandpa and her father were talented vocalists in their own right. Afsana took up singing at a very early age to earn money for her mother and siblings after the passing of her father.
Because she had inherited the ability to sing, not only was her voice extremely lovely, but she also had the ability to sing, which is why she became famous in the world of singing in such a short amount of time. The songs that he has sung in recent years have become very popular on YouTube, racking up billions of views there.
The late Sheera Khan was Afsana Khan's father. Afsana's middle name is Khan. Afsana lost his father while he was still a very small child. The name of Afsana Khan's mother is Asha Begum.
Khudabaksh is Afsana's brother, and he is a talented singer who competed in the ninth season of the singing competition Indian Idol, which was broadcast on Sony TV. Additionally, he competed in the show and made it to the finals. Neetu Khan, Raman Khan, Razia Sultan, and Raftaar Kaur are Afsana's other four sisters. Afsana has a total of eight sisters.

Career Of Afsana Khan

Afsana Khan's journey in the music industry has been a remarkable tale of talent and determination. As she began her path toward a successful career in 2012 as a contestant on the Punjabi television reality program "Voice of Punjab Season 3," she instantly attracted the attention of viewers and judges alike with her strong voice and emotionally charged performances.
This helped her advance quickly through the competition. This defining moment marked the start of a journey that would eventually lead to her being a prominent figure in the Punjabi music industry.
After making her debut in the realm of reality television, Afsana Khan did not sit back and take credit for her accomplishments. Soon after, she entered a recording studio, where she worked with the renowned musician Sidhu Moosewala to produce her first two singles, titled "Na Maar" and "Unf*ckwithable."
Her early records demonstrated not just her vocal skill but also her capacity to work well in a group setting with more seasoned musicians. Afsana Khan's catalog of songs became more extensive throughout the course of her career, and she had success after success.
Her enchanting singing style brought out the best in a wide variety of Punjabi songs, including "Tere Laare," "Hawa Karda," "Vailpuna," "Badmashi," "Jine Dukh," "Tera Pyaar," "Nakhre Jatti De," "Maarna A Menu," "Black Night," "Pair," "Gutt Utte," "Dila Himmat Kar," and "Bazaar."
Not only did these recordings display her varied vocal range, but they also proved her ability to connect with listeners via the expressive interpretations she provided.
Because of her commitment and perseverance, Afsana Khan has become one of the most well-known and acclaimed singers in Punjab's music business. Her one-of-a-kind aesthetic, in addition to her strong voice and emotionally charged performances, struck a chord with a large number of people.
She demonstrated her ability to adapt to a wide variety of musical styles, performing anything from moody ballads to upbeat pieces. This helped ensure that she would continue to be relevant and popular among music aficionados.
Afsana Khan's professional path has been nothing short of spectacular, in spite of the fact that it has only spanned a very short amount of time. She began her career on the stage of a reality show, and she has since gone on to become a sought-after figure in the Punjabi music scene.
Throughout her career, she has shown her worth as a singer, winning hearts with her soulful voice and making an everlasting impact on the business. Afsana Khan is a bright figure in the field of Punjabi music because of the unyielding enthusiasm and commitment with which she approaches her work.

Personal Life Of Afsana Khan

On February 19, 2022, Afsana Khan married her long-term partner Saajz and began their married lifetogether. The wedding was a grand affair, and Afsana Khan shared a motley collection of pictures on Instagram posing with Saajz.
Afsana Khan's Fiancé Saaj Hugging Eachother
Afsana Khan's Fiancé Saaj Hugging Eachother

Biography Of Afsana Khan's Husband

Saajz, a multifaceted artist associated with the vibrant Punjabi music industry, has carved a distinctive niche for himself as a singer, actor, and music director. Saajz is the personification of the essence of Punjabi culture and musicality. He was born in 1993 in the heartland of Mohali, Punjab, India.
Both as a performer and as the significant other of the talented vocalist Afsana Khan, he offers a dramatic presence on the stage, where he stands at a height of around 5 feet 8 inches.
The beginning of Saajz's journey into the world of music started at a young age when he found himself taking part in activities at school and college youth festivals. During these formative years, he honed his skills and pursued his interests with fervor, laying the framework for the spectacular career that was to follow.
During this critical time in his life, Saajz discovered a source of inspiration and a mentor in the famous musician Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, whose influence would go on to define the way he expressed himself creatively.
His first single, "Yarri Anthem," was a significant turning point in his career as a musician when it was released. This ground-breaking single immediately resonated with listeners, catapulting him to the forefront of the Punjabi music scene in a short amount of time.
Saajz demonstrated his musical prowess by producing songs that moved listeners on a personal level by using a one-of-a-kind combination of infectious sounds and lyrics that spoke from the heart. This early achievement set the stage for the band to go on to have a string of hits, including "Rule," "Jatt High Rate," "Gold Smith," "Dukh Kinu Kinu," "Jannat," and the spiritual "Allah Khair Kare."
The contributions that Saajz has made to the expansive world of Punjabi music go well beyond the function of a simple performer. The fact that he has experience working as both an actor and a music director further demonstrates his versatility as an artist. He lends a one-of-a-kind flair to each project, injecting his originality and imagination into each and every facet of his work.
The story of Saajz is intricately entwined with the illustrious career of Afsana Khan, which goes beyond Saajz's own accomplishments. The duo's engagement, which resulted from their shared passion for music, demonstrates the value of creative connection.
The skyrocketing popularity of Afsana Khan, which is characterized by her entrancing voice, is complementary to the creative aspirations of Saajz, hence forming a harmonic alliance that strongly resonates throughout the music business.
The fact that Saajz is always developing and coming up with new ideas makes his path an example for other artists who are just starting out. His persistent focus on making great music, his ability to smoothly transition between numerous positions, and his passion for his art have established him as a prominent figure in the ever-changing landscape of Punjabi music.
His music is known for its high quality. Saajz continues to serve as a guiding light for creativity, lighting the stage ablaze with his talent as a result of his unique voice, compelling stage presence, and unrelenting pursuit of greatness.

Songs Of Afsana Khan's Husband

Songs Of Afsana Khan's Husband
Songs Of Afsana Khan's Husband

Afsana Khan Biography 2021 ! Family ! Husband ! Struggle ! Age ! Height ! Income ! Lifestyle

Some Interesting Facts About Afsana Khan

  • Afsana Khan is a Sagittarius since she was born on June 13, 1994, in Badal, which is part of Sri Muktsar Sahib.
  • Afsana Khan has reached the age of 29 and is a member of the Muslim Punjabi community in India.
  • Her singing and playing musical talents were passed down to her by her parents and grandparents; therefore, she comes from a musically talented family.
  • Afsana's early experiences with music, along with her innate skill, inspired her to launch a professional career at a young age so that she could provide financially for her family.
  • She has a brother by the name of Khudabaksh, who took part in the competition known as Indian Idol and made it all the way to the finals.
  • She is one of a total of eight sisters, which makes her a member of a huge family that is also quite close.
  • Khudabaksh Khan, Afsana Khan's brother, is also a gifted singer who rose to prominence thanks to his participation in Indian Idol.
  • Her involvement in the reality program "Voice of Punjab Season 3" in 2012 was the catalyst for her rise to popularity.
  • Both "Na Maar" and "Unf*ckwithable" were early songs by Afsana that were written in conjunction with Sidhu Moosewala.
  • Her extensive catalog of music includes chart-topping singles such as "Tere Laare," "Hawa Karda," "Vailpuna," and "Dukh Kinu Kinu."
  • The fact that Afsana Khan's singing style is able to strike an emotional chord with her audience has been a major factor in her rise to fame.
  • On February 19, 2022, she wed Saajz, who is known for his work as a singer, actor, and music director.
  • The marriage of Afsana Khan was a momentous occasion in her personal life, and it was commemorated in a big manner.

The Net Worth Of Afsana Khan

Afsana Khan has a total net worth of somewhere around Rs. 20 crores. Her singing is mostly what brings in the money for her. She has collaborated with a variety of well-known celebrities. The audience has a strong affinity for the songs that she performs, and the videos of her songs have amassed millions of views on YouTube.
She is a well-known Punjabi singer, and she makes a lot of money thanks to the fact that her songs quickly become viral when they are published. In addition to this, she also performs a large number of performances all throughout the nation, each of which might cost up to 2 lakh rupees.

People Also Ask

When And Where Was Afsana Khan Born?

Afsana Khan was born on June 13, 1994, in Badal, Sri Muktsar Sahib.

What Is Her Family's Musical Background?

Afsana comes from a musical family where both parents and grandparents were singers and musicians.

What Was Afsana's Start In The Music Industry?

Afsana Khan began her musical journey by participating in the reality show "Voice of Punjab Season 3."

Who Did She Collaborate With For Her First Songs?

She collaborated with Sidhu Moosewala for her debut songs "Na Maar" and "Unf*ckwithable."
Afsana Khan's popular songs include "Tere Laare," "Hawa Karda," "Vailpuna," and "Dukh Kinu Kinu."

What Makes Afsana Khan's Singing Style Stand Out?

Her singing style is emotionally captivating, connecting deeply with listeners.

When Did Afsana Khan Get Married And To Whom?

Afsana Khan got married to Saajz, a singer on February 19, 2022.


Afsana Khan is a brilliant figure in the ever-evolving Punjabi music industry who exudes skill, commitment, and an unbreakable soul. Her path has been a monument to her exceptional talent as a vocalist and her steadfast dedication to her profession, from her modest origins in a tiny town to gracing large stages and radios.
She has created a musical legacy that captivates and inspires listeners with a voice that resonates deeply in their hearts. Afsana Khan is a talented musician who has engraved her name into the rich tapestry of Punjabi music. Her mellow melodies and moving performances establish her place as a legend.
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