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Angie Janu - The Beautiful Ex-Wife Of Actor Jason Beghe

Angie Janu is a beautiful actress, but like many others, she had trouble getting her big break on the big screen. Her last known movie is "Too Good to Be True." Angie Janu is well-known for being married to the actor Jason Beghe, who has had a fair amount of success.

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Angie Januis a beautiful actress, but like many others, she had trouble getting her big break on the big screen. Her last known movie is "Too Good to Be True."
Angie Janu is well-known for being married to the actor Jason Beghe, who has had a fair amount of success.
They got married, and everyone was curious about the beautiful woman Jason chose to marry.
Their marriage seemed to be going well until 2017, when they decided to split up.
Angie Janu has been out of sight for a very long time. She has shown up at a few events, but that's all.

Quick Fact About Angie Janu

NameAngie Janu
ProfessionActor, Model
Net worth$1.5 million

Angie Janu Biography

She was born in the mid-1960s in the United States. But the exact date of her birth has not yet been found. Angeline Dawn Beghe is her given name. On the other hand, more is still being learned about her parents and siblings.
She is also a United States citizen. Because of this, she comes from North America. Janu may have graduated from one of the best universities in the country, based on what we know about her education. Unfortunately, there is no information about her education, such as what college she went to.
Angie is a wonderful person and a beautiful woman. She is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and about 55 kilograms heavy. Also, nobody knows how tall she is, what size shoes she wears, or what size bra she wears. She has dark brown hair and hazel blue eyes.

Angie Janu Profession And Career

Angie Janu desired a successful career. Angie entered the glittering world of Hollywood early in her modeling career. Prior to opting to pursue acting, the model had a solid reputation in her industry. Before getting her big break in 1997, Angie began her career in advertising.
On the other hand, the critically praised movie "Too Good to Be True" gave the model-turned-actress her big break. Angie, on the other hand, had a difficult time in the movie. It didn't help Angie advance as an actress or open up more opportunities for her.
The actress hasn't been in any fresh TV episodes or movies despite this. Furthermore, despite her best efforts, Angie has not been able to break into the movie business. Unfortunately, the former actress only became well-known after she wed Jason Beghe.
It's reasonable to assume that at that point, Angie's acting career came to an abrupt halt. She appeared, and then she was gone. Nothing further about her professional lifeis mentioned.

Angie Janu Net Worth

Over the course of her career, Angie has accumulated a substantial wealth, according to her net worth. She has amassed a sizable fortune in her personal life as an actress. The amount would be more than $1.5 million, according to Angie's estimation. Regrettably, further investigation is being done into her pay situation.
Angie Janu ex husband Jason Beghe at an event
Angie Janu ex husband Jason Beghe at an event

Angie Janu Relationship

In 2020, Angie's personal life is still unmarried. Previously, she was wed to Jason Beghe. Actor and well-known television personality Jason Beghe. In 2002, after a number of years of dating, the couple got married. They do, however, have two wonderful children, ages 14 and 11 respectively, named Bix and Bo Beghe. But after 17 years of joy, the couple started to have relationship issues. Sadly, they were separated by law.

Angie Janu Controversies And Rumors

As a result, during Angie's career in the film industry, her love was a hotly contested topic in the media. She was assuming the spotlight due to her coverage. The couple's connection was also covered in the press during this time, but for the wrong reasons.
The sour-turned-sweet romance at the end of 2017 caught many people off guard. Beghe filed for divorce from his wife of 17 years in December 2017. After publicly criticizing Scientology in 2015, Jason and the couple have not lived together since.
The actor previously took part in promotion as a member of the Scientology church. Beghe also launched an HBO series where he discussed Scientology.
His relationships with the other cast members also declined during this time. Sophia Bush, an actress, quit Chicago PD as a result of his harsh behavior, and he started visiting an anger management therapist.
Numerous media sites rushed to publish stories about the two divorces as soon as they were announced. According to E! News, Jason has asked for joint legal and physical custody of the couple's children. The two kids had been with their mother, Angie, ever since their divorce.

Angie Janu Demand For Divorce

Also, the ex-husband is willing to pay spousal support, but only if he gets something in return. Also included is his Chicago apartment, which is on the Near West Side. The actor bought the 6,200-square-foot, four-bedroom home on July 15, 2019, for $1.63 million. To be honest, Beghe wants the land in Oklahoma.
Mineral rights have been passed down to both Oklahoma and Texas. He also told them to sell another piece of property in Washington, D.C. In the same way, Angie and Jason would fight for their family and other assets in Malibu. On top of that, the actor has asked that the couple pay half of the lawyer's fees.

People Also Ask

Is Angie Janu Married?

Angie Janu and the actor Jason Beghe were married for a total of 17 years. The year 2019 saw the sad event of their divorce. After that, neither of them got into a relationship with anyone else.

How Many Kids Does Angie Janu Have?

Angie Janu and her former husband, Jason Beghe, are the parents of their two sons. Bix Beghe and Bear Beghe are their names.

What Does Angie Janu Do For A Living?

Former actress Angie Janu enjoyed a fleeting period of success during her career. However, she receives a sizeable amount of spousal support, which enables her to carry out her day-to-day activities without too much difficulty. The whereabouts of her profession are now unknown.


Angie Janu first worked as a model, but she always wanted to be an actress. So, she went to acting school. She used to be a model, so she was beautiful and sure of herself.
Angie had everything a Hollywood star should have. Also, taking acting classes gave her the confidence she needed to be a good performer. After going through some hard times, Angie was able to work in commercials and ads until 1997. After that, she did small commercials and a few other things.
In the movie "Too Good to be True" in 1997, Angie Janu got her first big role as an actress. Angie was about to get her long-awaited breakthrough after a lot of hard work.
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