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Ashley Burgos - The Beautiful Daughter Of Bernice Burgos

Ashley Burgos was born on May 9, 1996, in New York City, USA. She looks just like her mother and seems to be taking over the modeling world.

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Bernice Burgos is a businesswoman and Instagram model who became famous after appearing in music videos for Rick Ross, J. Cole, Drake, and others. Have you heard of her daughter, Ashley?
Ashley Burgoswas born on May 9, 1996, in New York City, USA.
She looks just like her mother and seems to be taking over the modeling world.
She is a model and a successful businesswoman. She and her mother launched their "Bold & Beautiful" sleepwear line together, among other things.

Quick Facts About Ashley Burgos

NameAshley Marie Burgos
BirthdayMay 9, 1996
ProfessionModel, Business woman, Instagram star
Net worth$1 million

Ashley Burgos Biography

On May 9, 1996, Ashley Burgos was born in New York, USA. She has a 25-year-old age. Ashley was born while Bernice was just 16 years old; although Bernice has not confirmed who her father is, it is known that Bernice's boyfriend was only 19 at the time of Ashley's birth. Ashley was raised completely by Bernice; her mother, who gave birth to Sarai, Ashley's half-sister, in 2016, is still keeping the father of her second child's father a secret.

Ashley Burgos Career

Ashley graduated from Hempstead High School, and she started posting sexy photos on her official Instagram page, just like her mom did. Ashley could start her career as a model before she turned 18 because of the connections and power of her mother.
Ashley's popularity grew slowly, which led to contracts with well-known fashion brands and modeling agencies. Thanks to Instagram, she was also slowly becoming a social media star. But when her Instagram page had more than 200,000 followers, she deleted it and started a new one, which has less than 1,000 followers now. Still, she will surely get back to being popular on Instagram in time.
Ashley could not be stopped from getting to the top, and her mother's fame in the media only helped her. Ashley was so happy when she and her friend started their sleepwear line. She has also become popular on Facebook, where she has over 1,300 followers on her official page. This number will only grow in the years to come.
Ashley Burgos wearing a white top on a blue jeans
Ashley Burgos wearing a white top on a blue jeans

Ashley Burgos Net Worth

Ashley has become a very popular model since she started her career. She is already a star, even though she is only in her early twenties. All of her work has helped her make money, so how rich is Ashley Burgos in 2021? As of October 2022, reliable sources say that Ashley Burgos' net worth could be as high as $1.1 million, and it seems likely that it will go up even more if she keeps doing well in her career.

Ashley Burgos Relationship

Ashley's personal lifeoutside of work has been very private. Her daughter Amarie was born in March of this year. The child's father is not named, but he seems to be a businessman and the founder of the record label HBTL. Bernice gave birth to her daughter and became one of the youngest and hottest grandmothers.

People Also Ask

Does Ashley Burgos Have A Kid?

Ashley Burgos's child is four years old in 2022. She made an Instagram account for her baby and posts pictures there most of the time.

Who Is Ashley Burgos Mother?

Bernice Burgos was born in New York, USA, on April 17, 1980. She is of Puerto Rican descent and has over 4.5 million followers on her official Instagram page. She is also a businesswoman and an Instagram model.

Who Is The Father To Ashley Burgos' Child?

The father of the child is unidentified but appears to be a businessman and the founder of the record label HBTL.


Ashley Burgos has a sister by the name of Sarai Burgoswho is her younger sister and is ten years her junior. Bold & Beautiful is a well-known brand of sleepwear for women that was established by Ashley Burgos and her mother. The collection is known for its sporty and flirty aesthetics.
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